Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sept. 9-15, 2013

Friday, September 13
5-8pm 101 International Studies Building

·        6TH ANNUAL LATIN AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL: 7 days, 7 films, 7 countries
September 20-26. Art Theater: 126 W. Church, Champaign 

  • ELEFANTE BLANCO / WHITE ELEPHANT (Argentina, 2012. 120m)
Director: Pablo Trapero
Starring: Ricardo Darin, Jeremie Renier, Martina Gusman

In the “Villa Virgin”, a shantytown in the slums of Buenos Aires, Julian (Ricardo Darín, The Secret in Their Eyes, Carancho) and Nicolas (Jérémie Renier, In Bruges, Atonement) – two priests and long-standing friends – work tirelessly to help the local people. Nicolas joins Julian in overseeing the construction of a hospital following the failure of a project he was leading in which paramilitary forces assassinated members of the community. Deeply troubled by his actions, Nicolas finds solace in Luciana (Martina Gusman, Carancho, Lion's Den), a young, attractive atheist social worker.

Friday 20 6pm
Sunday 22 7pm
Wednesday 25 6pm

Argentinean Academy 2012, nominated for Best Film
Cannes 12, Nominated for award Un Certain regard

         Watch the trailer

  • O SOM AO REDOR / NEIGHBORING SOUNDS (Brazil, 2012, 131 m.)

Director: Kleber Mendonça Filho
Starring: Gustavo Jahn, Maeve Jinkings, Irma Brown

Life in a middle-class neighborhood in present day Recife, Brazil, takes an unexpected turn after the arrival of an independent private security firm. The presence of these men brings a sense of safety and a good deal of anxiety to a culture which runs on fear. Meanwhile, Bia, married and mother of two, must find a way to deal with the constant barking and howling of her neighbor's dog. A slice of 'Braziliana', a reflection on history, violence and noise.
Friday 20 8:40pm
Monday 23 8:30pm
Thursday 26 5pm

Leida Latin American Film Festival 2013- Won Special Jury Award and Screenplay Award
Oslo Films from the South Festival 2012- Won International Critics’ Award
Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival 2012- Won Best Film and Best Screenplay
Rotterdam International Film Festival 2012- Won International Critics’ Award
Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2012- Won Best Brazilian Film

                Watch the trailer:

  • SOFIA Y EL TERCO / SOFIA AND THE STUBBORN (Colombia, 2012. 80m)

Director: Andres Burgos
Starring: Carmen Maura, Gustavo Angarita, Constanza Duque

Sofia and her husband live in a small village in the Colombian countryside. Their life has just been a long repetition of facts for years. They grew here, married and they know everybody in the village. He is the owner of a grocery. She makes everything in their house: she chooses his clothes in the morning, prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner, feeds the birds, cleans… And she has an old dream: she wants to go to the sea whereas she has always known mountains. But Gustavo always has good reasons to delay the trip. She leaves her morose husband and, with the curiosity of a teenager, embarks upon an adventure full of unexpected meetings and highly imaginative situations. Innovative, moving, and refreshing cinema.
Sunday 22 5pm
Tuesday 24 9:30pm
Thursday 26 9:45pm

Biarritz Film Festival 2012- Won Public Award
         Watch the trailer:


Director: Sebastian del Amo
Starring: Roberto Sosa, Juan Manuel Bernal, Juan Carlos Bonet

Move over Ed Wood Mexico’s half-forgotten B-movie master, “involuntary surrealist” Juan Orol, receives a pitch-perfect tribute in this irresistible love letter to a self-made man of showbiz, whose career spanned nearly sixty films. In a glorious black-and-white flashback mingling movie-tainted memories of his Galician childhood, forced exile to Cuba and arrival in Mexico, intrepid “Juanito“ pursues failed careers as baseball player, boxer, bullfighter and gangster before landing in the movies—where failure kind of works for him. As Orol, Roberto Sosa exudes droll underdog charm, anchoring a fast-moving comedy where every frame is an infectious homage to a golden age of cinema, the wile of memory and the art of fantasy.

Saturday 21 7:30pm
Tuesday 24 5pm
Thursday 26 7:45pm

Ariel Awards 2013, Mexico- Best Actor, Best cinematography, best costume design.

  • 7 CAJAS / 7 BOXES (Paraguay, 2012 )

Director: Rosario Garcia-Montero
Starring: Fatima Buntinx, Katerina D’Onofrio, Paul Vega

It's Friday, 40 degrees in Asunción. Víctor a 17 year old wheelbarrow leader, dreams of becoming famous, absorbed on the TV of an appliance store in the Municipal Market. Then, he loses a customer, another carter got ahead. The market’s world is hostile, competitive and there are thousands like him waiting to carry things. Then he receives an unusual proposal, to carry 7 boxes of unknown content, in exchange for a torn half of a $ 100 bill. The other half will be given to him when he finishes the job. Víctor, who has never seen a bill of this value, has no idea how many Guaraníes (Paraguayan money) means. But he also knows well that he doesn’t have the right to ask. His need is greater than his curiosity.
With a borrowed cell phone, which the contractor uses to tell him the way to go, Víctor embarks on the journey. Crossing the eight blocks that constitute the market seemed easy but things get complicated along the way: the box is stolen from him, he loses the cell phone and the police surround the place looking for something he completely ignores. To all this, is added a group of carters who are also willing to escort the boxes for a pittance of the profits. There is something in those boxes that generate a wheelbarrow chase in the secret and gloomy corridors of the market. Without even realizing, Víctor and his pursuers will get involved in a crime of which they don’t know anything: neither the cause nor the victim nor the victimizer. All of them are accomplices, because necessity forces them to run, to scream, to remain silent, or simply to pretend to be ñembotavy (Guaraní word meaning dumb).
Saturday 21 5pm
Sunday 22 9:30pm
Tuesday 24 7pm

Miami International Film Festival 2013- Won Audience Award
Palm Springs International Film Festival 2013- Won New Voices Award
San Sebastian International Film Festival 2012- Won Youth Jury Award
Goya Awards 2013- Nominated Best Iberoamerican Film
Toronto International Film Festival 2012- Nominated for Discovery Awards and International Critics’ Award

       Watch the trailer:

  • PIEDRA, PAPEL O TIJERAS / ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS (Venezuela, 2012, 110m.)

Director: Hernan Jabes
Starring: Xavier Abreu, Alberto Alifa, Leandro Arevalo

Hector, a well-to-do commercial pilot, discovers that his wife has been unfaithful during his long absences; Christian, an informal worker who lives with his girlfriend Valentina in a working class neighborhood, promises a local criminal to safeguard a package. Desperate to pay off some outstanding debts, Christian kidnaps Hector’s son, unleashing a chain of events that will prove tragic for all parties involved. “Rock, Paper, Scissors” is a powerfully intense urban drama.

Saturday 21 9:40pm
Monday 23 6pm
Wednesday 25 8:30pm

Venezuela’s official entry in 2013 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film,

              Watch the Trailer:

  • SOY ANDINA/ I AM ANDEAN (USA, 2007, 70m.)

Director: Mitchel Teplitsky
Starring: Cynthia Paniagua and Nélida Silva

Two New Yorkers return to Peru to reconnect with roots and dance. Folk dancer Nélida Silva returns to her Andean birthplace to host the fiesta patronal. Modern dancer Cynthia Paniagua embarks on her won journey after meeting Neli, determined to “know the real Peru and unearth the mystery of the dances.” Soy Andina is an inspirational story about Peru, dance and affirming identity in a globalized world.

Saturday 21 3:15pm
Sunday 22 3:15pm

Latin American Realities/Two River Film Festival 2008- Best Director
New York Hispanic Film Festival- Official Selection
Los Angeles Latino Film Festival-Official Selection
Chicago Latino Film Festival-Official Selection
Santa Barbara International Film Festival-Official Selection

      Watch the Trailer:


As part of the activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of CLACS we announce two important exhibits:



Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - Sunday, January 5, 2014  
The Spurlock Museum joins the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) in celebrating its 50th anniversary. An integral part of this celebration is "Latin American Research: Past, Present, and Future." To complement this focus there will be an exhibition of Latin American folk art. Situated adjacent to the permanent South American Gallery, the exhibition will feature selected objects from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil, countries where CLACS personnel have conducted and are conducting research.
Location: Hundley Central Core Gallery, Spurlock Museum, 600 S. Gregory St., Urbana, IL
Time: During Museum Hours
Cost: Free Admission



An exhibit curated by Prof. Antonio Sotomayor and Prof. Paula Carns.
Open all of September 2013
Exhibit hall on the south side of the first floor of the Main Library

Latin America and the Caribbean is a region special for many reasons. Its rich culture, dynamic politics, and varied economies provide much space for study and engagement. However, as Peter Bakewell argues in “A History of Latin America,” what makes Latin America and the Caribbean a region unique from other parts of the world is its long history of cultural, political, racial, and ethnic mixing, otherwise known as mestizaje. Through more than 500 years of constant intermixing of different civilizations (broadly defined as Indigenous, European, African, and Asian), new types of societies have emerged, in different ways and with different features. The societies that inhabit these lands are a result of this mestizaje, whether genetic or cultural, which provides the basis for the ways in which politics work, their culture redefined, literary works created, languages spoken and written, and religions followed and practiced. Latin America and the Caribbean, is thus a true kaleidoscope of human civilizations, experiences, and histories, all brought together by that same diverse process of human interaction to achieve unity in diversity. In this exhibit you will see a very slim, but rare and sometimes unique, selection of the plethora of resources in our library collection. Stop by the exhibit hall on the south side of the first floor of the Main Library to learn more about these fascinating cultures.



The Krannert Art Museum (KAM) in collaboration with the Department of dance is presenting a couple of events that may be of interest to you. In a series they have been calling OPEN STUDIO, they invite dance artists to activate and animate the museum space with live performance. This season they are hosting OPEN STUDIO2 presenting works by celebrated choreographers Tere O’Connor (September 11 & 12) and Jennifer Monson (September 19).  I write to inform you of these events because I will be one of the artists, along with visiting Dance Artist David Thomson, performing in a duet created by Mr. O’Connor entitled “Sister.”  It would be great to see colleagues from the Latin American and Caribbean Studies in the house. I rarely perform in town and would love it if folks came out. 

In addition to performance events mentioned above, there is a video series of dance on film that may also be of interest particularly to Latin American and Caribbean Studies folks. A recent (2009-10) performance work of mine entitled “Rigidigidim De Bamba De: Ruptured Calypso” will be screened on Thursday, September 5 at 5:30p.  Like the performances, the films will be shown in a viewing room at the KAM OPEN STUDIO.  Rigidigidim is an evening-length dance theatre work examining transnational Caribbeanness as manifested through calypso dancing, music, and other cultural signifiers. Here are a few links to reviews of the work. I hope you can make it.



University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, ACES Library
Registration and Details:


  • Center on Health, Aging, and Disability
  • College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
  • Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS)
  • Family Resiliency Center
  • Department of Kinesiology and Community Health
  • Master of Public Health Program
  • Division of Nutritional Sciences
  • Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Department of Human and Community Development


The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, with the Lemann Institute for Brazilian Studies, is please to invite proposals for the following initiatives.
n         Faculty Development Conference Grants
n         Course Development Awards
n         Faculty Travel Awards
All Proposals are due October 14, 2013

Send (1) application and (2) cover sheet to  (subject line: Faculty Support) 

Program descriptions and application information:

FACULTY DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE GRANTS are intended to help support small conferences or workshops enabling UI faculty to advance innovative directions in scholarship related to Latin America.  Projects involving interdisciplinary and inter professional collaborations are especially encouraged.  Awards of up to $2,500 can be used to support travel and lodging of invited conference participants, publicity, and dissemination of conference proceedings. Conferences should take place during the 2010-11 academic year.  The Center can assist by providing meeting space, publicizing the conference event, and disseminating conference proceedings (white papers, podcasts, etc.) through the CLACS website. 
Applications should include:
a)         the names, titles and home departments of the principal organizers;
b)         statement of no more than 5 pages describing the themes of the conference, including a description of the format of the conference and list of potential participants;
c)         a budget for the project, indicating any other sources of support;
d)        a short (1 page) statement discussing expected outcomes from the conference. (such as new courses, publications, white papers or podcasts to be circulated through the CLACS website, etc.).

BRAZILIAN STUDIES COURSE DEVELOPMENT AWARDS are intended to support faculty developing new courses, or revising existing courses, to include significant Brazilian content.   Courses from any discipline are welcome, although courses likely to contribute to the core of an interdisciplinary Brazilian Studies curriculum within the LAST major are especially encouraged.  Courses likely to be taught regularly will also be given priority.  Awards of up to $3,000 can support travel, the purchase of potential course materials, photocopying, research assistance or similar costs related to the development of the course.
Applications should include:
a)         the name, title and home department of the principal instructor;
b)         a statement of no more than 5 pages describing the course, including a discussion of its likely contributions to the curriculum in the home department and to an interdisciplinary curriculum in Latin American (and particularly, Brazilian) Studies, and an indication of when the course would be first offered and how regularly it will be taught;
c)         A timetable of activities related to the development of the course, with a budget listing anticipated costs

FACULTY TRAVEL AWARDS are intended to support faculty travel overseas for short-term trips to enrich instructional materials, establish and maintain linkages with overseas institutions, and explore promising new lines of research.  Travel must be for a minimum of 10 days. Travel supported by Title VI NRC funds must be on US carriers and the itineraries must be approved by the U.S. Department of Education. 
Awards of up to $1,200 will be made for travel to take place between November 15, 2013 and April 30, 2014
Applications should include:
a)         Two-page statement about the purpose of the trip and details about major planned activities while abroad;
b)         Abstract of this statement, no longer than 300 characters (required by US ED);
c)         List of major publications/ creative activities during the past 5 years;
d)        Itinerary, with precise dates, air carrier(s) and flight numbers (US ED requirement);
e)         Detailed budget.


The Education Justice Project, our campus' college-in-prison program, is accepting applications to teach at Danville prison in spring 2014. All fields and disciplines are welcome.

You can learn more about EJP, the application process, and current program needs by visiting our website: Be part of an award-winning program and contribute to meaningful social change.

Applications are due on Tuesday October 1, 2013.




Uebana Free Library

Spanish Story Time has been organized by CLACS & the Urbana Free Library since 2006. The event is for children and their parents and consists of storytelling, live music and art. It is presented bilingually in Spanish/English, the second Saturday of February, March, April, June, September, October, November, December from 2:30 to 3:30 PM, at the Urbana Free Library Children's Department, 210 W Green St, Urbana.
On Saturday, September14th, Spanish Story Time will present Monica Brown's book:   
Pelé King of Soccer/ Pelé el rey del fútbol
Come with your children to listen the story in English and Spanish, enjoy Latin American songs and make a traditional craft!




The UCLA Latin American Institute is conducting a search to fill a Program Representative I position.  Please forward this announcement to anyone you feel might be interested and qualified for the position.

Job Summary: 

·                     Provide support for the Assistant Director, Director and other faculty and staff of the Latin American Institute (LAI) in the UCLA International Institute.
·                     Major duties include providing logistical support to conferences and special events, managing general office operations, handling correspondence, writing and distributing public information materials through website and email.
·                     Responsible for updating the LAI's documents and materials; handling travel and event reservations and necessary documentation; maintaining LAI's friendly and welcoming environment.
·                     The Institute's staff expects the candidate to be active and supportive member of the team. Computer skills are very important.
·                     Fluency in spoken and written English are highly required, and excellent interpersonal skills are essential.
·                     Proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese is required. Proficiency in both Spanish and Portuguese is strongly preferred.
·                     Salary range - $15.23 - $30.05 hourly 
·                     Career appointment
·                     DEADLINE TO APPLY: 9/10/13

Anyone interested in submitting an application for this position must do so through UCLA’s online system in order to be considered.  The full posting is available on the UCLA Career Opportunities website under Job Requisition #19381.

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